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Social Display

Brands activate Social Display to effortlessly repurpose social creative to run on the open web.

Instant mockup

Create an instant mockup in less than 30 seconds.

Copy the web URL for any Facebook, Instagram or Twitter post (like this one) and paste it in the text box on the right.

Take a deep breath, and click View Demo when it is ready.

Need help? Email support.

View instant mockup on your phone here:

How Social Display works

How does social display with Nova work (1)
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1. Select social creative

  • Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter or YouTube

  • Video, photo, carousel or link post

  • Paid (dark), organic or preview post

2. Configure creative

  • Provide social creative post URL or raw assets

  • Provide click-through destination URL (e.g. landing page)

  • Provide click and impression trackers, 3rd party verification

3. Activate on the web

  • Ads will appear on mobile web, mobile app and desktop

  • Ads expand in standard display inventory (e.g. 300x250, 300x600 sizes) to render full size

  • Third-party measurement support

The most effective creative from social now available on the web

Thousands of brands activate Social Display